I Play Especially For You

Hello!  Thank you and big hugs to new and old listeners for your support and appreciation.  As we sang at Girl Scouts camp, "Make new friends but keep the old ... one is silver and the other gold."   Your love is returned!

After 13 years I still enjoy performing at the Bellevue Collection on four different Steinway pianos.  Each has its own personality, just like people do. Among the constant and diverse stream of amazing folks who pass by the pianos, I very much enjoy YOU ...

... someone who takes time out to stop and listen

... someone for whom the sound of live piano music soothes your soul

... someone who dances and sways to the music with your child

Whether or not you tell me, or write in my online Guestbook, about how my performance of a song affects you ~ I know in the moment.

That's because live music is magic.  There is a special quality of energetic give-and-take between listener and performer. 

I play for all people, but for those to whom a particular song heals or brings joy, I play especially for you.  

May we all have perfect vision in 2020!  ~ Sandra


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