From the recording Goddess Rising

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Sandra Locklear (ThunderEye Music / BMI)

The anthem "Goddess Rising" was birthed in the middle of the night as I dragged myself half-asleep out of bed around 2 am to sing the lyrics and melody into a tape recorder. That summer I gave up touring in Sweden to be able to perform its debut with sisters in circle, who had selected "Goddess Rising" as the theme for our 1999 gathering. As I sang out acapella in the middle of a huge green meadow with no amplification, Goddess Rising frequencies of female empowerment joined the tide and were transmitted out from the Pacific Northwest, during the exciting times leading up to the millennium. P.S. The agency never hired me back which was OK. It was totally worth it.

Features Sura Charlier on flute and Carey Black on bass.



She fashioned fire, fashioned bone
Fashioned bowls from clay
Drew some water from the earth
They tried to take it all away

She was the Queen, reigned supreme
Known throughout all of history
Goddess rising … now’s the hour
Stop and feel Her power!

She planted food and healed the sick
Birthed Her sister’s child
Worshiped nature as the source
They could not tame her spirit wild

2nd Chorus

She is the Queen, reigns supreme
Still alive in herstory
Goddess rising … now’s the hour
Stop and feel Her power

Through the world Goddess lives today
Strong until the end
Of war and hunger and poverty
A web She needs our help to mend

2nd Chorus

Stop! And feel Her power!

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