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Sandra Locklear: Blog

Winter 2014: The Return of Song

Posted on December 9, 2014
                                                                            (c) 2014 Sandra Locklear All Rights Reserved
Hello Dear Ones!  It's been a mild winter here in the Pacific Northwest, which means inspirational beach walks along the Salish Sea, striking sunsets and rainbows arching in the mist.  I've been busy playing Christmas engagements and am honored to be a part of uplifting and connecting folks from all walks of life as they enjoy music of the holiday season. 
For all of Creation, the short days and long nights of Fall and Winter allow for energy [...]
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Spring 2014: The Rhythms of Life

Posted on May 25, 2014
                                                                                (c) 2014 Sandra Locklear All Rights Reserved
Spring Greetings Dear Ones, it has turned out to be a beautiful spring here in Seattle.  Through our tears and joys, we are continually reminded of the impermanence and fragility of life.  Flowers bloom like paint bursting upon a canvas, the stillness of the Salish Sea soothes my ears, our dog Lucky jumps joyfully when we come home each day.  Life goes on and so does the music, dear ones.  It is the silence between the notes that makes [...]
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Jean Houston Reviews My CD's

Posted on March 14, 2012
                                                                               (c) 2012 Sandra Locklear All Rights Reserved
Hello dear friends!  A couple of years ago a mutual friend of Jean's invited me to her Social Artistry workshop here in Seattle.  I had been wanting to meet this great woman for some time and besides, it was a great way to earn a few more credits for for my continuing music education certificate. 
When Jean asked the room of attendees who could play piano and heads turned my way, I was sort of stuck!  She had me come up on stage and play the worn old grand [...]
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(c) 2012 Sandra Locklear All rights reserved 
Hello Dear Ones! 
Spring is around the corner - I'm writing to share my recent experience in New York , and to thank my sponsors again for helping to make the trip possible (click News for Sponsor List).  
In a nutshell, as the APAP folks put it, a clear message was delivered throughout the conference:  The responsibility for the arts belongs to the leaders in the field.  “We Are They: Owning the Road Ahead” was a reminder to music educators, artists, presenters, and the agents and managers who connect them that the quality of culture is our responsibility. 
This message deeply resonated with me as a performer-educator , especially at a time when I’m at a career crossroads.  
Non-stop, there was so much to see and do, from informative sessions to artist showcases and the Expo Hall (where the real business of music takes place) that’s I’ll be processing [...]
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Heading to Music Conference in New York!

Posted on December 11, 2011
                                                                                       (c) 2011 Sandra Locklear All Rights Reserved
Dear Friends and Supporters of the Arts!
Greetings of the Season and Happy Winter Solstice! The days are finally growing longer and I have fabulous news to share!!
I’ll be attending the Association of Performing Arts Presenters Convention (APAP 2012) at the Hilton New York from Jan. 4-12. This event is a global marketplace of arts presenters, management companies and agencies gathered in expo halls, with presentations and opportunities [...]
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