From the recording Goddess Rising

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Album: Goddess Rising ©2000

Sandra Locklear (ThunderEye Music / BMI)

A female soul journey, dedicated to Anthea Francine of San Francisco, whom I met at one of the very first Women of Wisdom Conferences back when it was held at Antioch University in Seattle.  When I got home this song poured out of me. Features Jack Klitzman on soprano sax.



Breathed by the winds of an Eastern sky
Born on the wings of a butterfly
Anthea …  Anthea 
Shouldered by Psyche, baptized by pain
Journey to hell and back again
Anthea …  Anthea
Woman of soul, woman of grace
Mother of the human race
She’s the earth and the sky above
Woman …  she is Love
May herspirit set us free
Daughter of darkness, sister of light
Amazon virgin, Amazon might   
Anthea …  Anthea  
Spinning the threads of Her web so fine
Scarlet reflection of all that is mine
Anthea …  Anthea 
               2nd Chorus
Woman of soul, woman of grace
Seeking Her truth, finding Her place
She’s the earth ’neath the sky above  
Woman …  she is Love  
And may our spirit set this planet free  

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