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I Play Especially For You 

Hello!  Thank you and big hugs to new and old listeners for your support and appreciation.  As we sang at Girl Scouts camp, "Make new friends but keep the old ... one is silver and the other gold."   Your love is returned!

After 13 years I still enjoy performing at the Bellevue Collection on four different Steinway pianos.  Each has its own personality, just like people do. Among the constant and diverse stream of amazing folks who pass by the pianos, I very much enjoy YOU ...

... someone who takes time…

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Airplay & Press Notes  


Sandra is featured in the West coast arts mag Big Fun as a "Best Singer in the Sound."

The soulful jazz waltz Rainy Days on her GIRL GONE JAZZ CD received airplay on Jim Wilke's KPLU 88.5 Jazz NW Program.

Solo Concert of Original Songs 

Hi, check my calendar, on June 28 I'll be at the Hiawatha Community Center in West Seattle, performing a concert of original songs.  See you there!

El Gaucho June Appearances 

Check my calendar!  The month of June marks happy first appearances at the El Gaucho restaurants in Seattle and Bellevue.  Will be filling in for friends, the fabulous Junie Tonkin and the amazing Daniel Davis.  Both restaurants have beautiful bars with great Happy Hour offerings.  See you there!

New York APAP Trip Sponsors 

Association of Performing Arts Presenters Convention

Many thanks to friends from Seattle, Ohio, South Carolina and Canada who helped make this NY dream come true possible!

Dee Dickinson

Dr. Kathleen Clark

 Jim Locklear

 Joe Malecki

 Therese Charvet & Tere Carranza

 Wendell & Fran Clark

 Resha & Stanley Sabre

  Kathyrn Stueckle

 Dianne Konoski


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