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Sandra Locklear
Sandra Forman Locklear


Goddess Rising was birthed in its complete form in 1999 in the middle of the night.  The lyrics and melody demanded to be  released into the world, so I got up and recorded them at 2 am.  I was honored when our Women's Summer Solstice planning team chose my song as the theme for its 1999 annual celebration and women's honoring rituals.  I gave up a tour in Europe that summer in order to share this song live with my beloved sisters in circle at Solstice.  Right there in the middle of a green meadow with no amplification.  I wanted to put it out into the world right then and there.  The agency never hired me back and that's OK because it was totally worth it.


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As we learn to acknowledge feeling and intuition we create a cultural paradigm shift toward valuing the Divine Feminine.  


She fashioned fire, fashioned bone

Fashioned bowls from clay

Drew some water from the earth

They tried to take it all away


She was the Queen, reigned supreme

Known throughout all of history

Goddess rising … now’s the hour

Stop and feel Her power


She planted food and healed the sick

Birthed Her sister’s child

Worshipped nature as the source

They could not tame herspirit wild


              2nd  Chorus

She is the Queen, reigns supreme

Still alive in herstory

Goddess rising … now’s the hour

Stop and feel Her power


All through the world Goddess lives today

Strong until the end

Of war and hunger and poverty

A web She needs our help to mend  


               2nd Chorus

Stop!  And feel Her power! 






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