Enjoyed listening to your CD and had a wonderfull time last night with my friends.  Kudos on your  music career...all accolades received are well deserved.  You are superb! ~ Sharon at El Gaucho

Author, psychologist, scholar, behavioral scientist and teacher

Girl Gone Jazz CD Review: "Jazz permeates Western consciousness.  In its journey and spontaneity it serves as the lure of becoming.  In this remarkable recording, Sandra Locklear gives us both her mastery of the medium as well as her own unique compositions, that bring the listener to places both high and higher."

Author, psychologist, scholar, behavioral scientist and teacher

Goddess Rising CD Review: "Sandra's Goddess-inspired music brings the listener to sacred communion with Herself.  So exquisite and evocative are her songs that one is charged with the Light of the Mystery that her compositions reveal."

Women of Wisdom Community Connections

Workshop participant: "Sandra, you're an extremely inspiring, creative and knowlegeable vocal 'facilitator.'  I believe you are able to reach all types of people on many levels to open their spirits to joy, fun and healing - both for themselves and the planet ..."

Women of Wisdom Community Connections

Workshop Participant: "I wasn't sure what to expect.  I didn't expect to gain a piece that I can use to help me grow and connect my Spirit!"

Northwest Pianos

"Sandra, thank you so much for performing for us!  We all loved it.  Thank you!"

Experience Music Project "Goddess Rising' CD Review

"Rockin! A world-class production ... energetic, melodic pop-rock with jazz, folk and Latin elements ... killer musicianship, great graphics!"

Capitol Hill Times

"Sandra Locklear sings and plays with a shimmering sensuality and the voice of experience."

SGN Arts & Entertainment

"With a long history of local appearances .... Locklear performed her Tribute to the Art of Nina Simone ... a happy gathering of family and friends - and new fans - thoroughly enjoyed the Simone tribute ... Last weekend, the show included a tribute to Shirley Horn who had died the day before."

"When I heard your music I wanted to stay and listen forever!"

Trillium Corporation

"Sandra brings class, spirit, and artistic inspiration ... "

The News Advertiser

"Sandra leaves little doubt that her business is music ... she plays expertly and sings effortlessly ... there's that quiet dignity about her, that inner strength that all of us seek."

"You play each note with such energy and joy!"

The Seattle Times

" ... Piano and vocals in a warm, folk/jazz vein ... "

University of Ohio

"Passionate and purposeful, as she reaches into her stylistic toolbag to express the spirit of each song, her strength is in her versatility ... "

"Your musicianship is amazing ... but what moves me most is the words ... you are, indeed, on a journey, and you bring us all along."

"You play beautiful melody like they did in the old days - I can actually tell what song you're playing."

"You are a great vocalist, a fine pianist, and a wonderful writer. The writing is excellent poetry in its own right on both albums. I have listened to Goddess Rising many times. It captures the warmth and the sadness of your life. It fits perfectly as a first CD effort since it tells the listener all about you. I consider it very intimate, forceful and at the same time uplifting. However, "Girl Gone Jazz" for us enthusiasts of the genre, is a quantum leap in the annals of your ability. Each and every song is GREAT. Your talent has grown enormously ... your artistry has, not improved, necessarily, but as been honed into a fine skill: no hesitation anywhere, no wavering of the notes, no mistakes or slip ups that most ears could not detect anyway, and certainly a mellowness that shines through exactly when it is needed."

"We love Sandra. She is a warm, talented woman."

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