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Sandra Locklear: Blog

Winter 2014: The Return of Song

Posted on December 9, 2014

                                                                            (c) 2014 Sandra Locklear All Rights Reserved

Hello Dear Ones!  It's been a mild winter here in the Pacific Northwest, which means inspirational beach walks along the Salish Sea, striking sunsets and rainbows arching in the mist.  I've been busy playing Christmas engagements and am honored to be a part of uplifting and connecting folks from all walks of life as they enjoy music of the holiday season. 

For all of Creation, the short days and long nights of Fall and Winter allow for energy and power to coalesce within, like plants and trees drawing into their roots.  It's a time for reflecting, dreaming, and planting the seeds of creative projects that can blossom and unfold in the spring.    

On the way down from Mt. Rainier a few weeks ago, a song came through.  As I was navigating my vehicle alone in the rainy twilight on a narrow road at some 5,000 feet, melody and lyrics came cascading into my mind.  Within the span of a few minutes a tribute song to my beautiful son was complete.  Then, a few miles down the road I stopped at a river to pick up stones to mark the occasion.  This piece is different than anything I've ever written, with a folk quality reflective of Mt. Rainier or the simplicity of a child.  Next year I'll record and publish this and other  original material so stay tuned!    

Fall and Winter are also a good time to consider helping the needy.  If you know of a mentally ill person who is in need of services, call your local NAMI affiliate or check out - THE most important organization of its type for families.  National Alliance on Mental Illness affiliates do a lot of good, are professional and primarily self-funded, and connect families facing common issues with each other and community resources.  Recommended is the free 12-week Family to Family education series. Last September 2014 NAMI held its National Convention in Washington, D.C. where members lobbied for the passage of HR-3717, the most comprehensive health care legislation to ever be put forth.  See for the scope of that bill.  Get involved, make a call or e-mail to your Senators and Congressman and urge them to support it! Update:  The bill passed!

As we head toward the Winter Solstice, remember to share and make music as you gather with loved ones this holiday season.  Warm wishes for good health and abundance in the New Year 2015! ~ Love, Sandra