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Jean Houston Reviews My CD's

Posted on March 14, 2012

                                                                               (c) 2012 Sandra Locklear All Rights Reserved

Hello dear friends!  A couple of years ago a mutual friend of Jean's invited me to her Social Artistry workshop here in Seattle.  I had been wanting to meet this great woman for some time and besides, it was a great way to earn a few more credits for for my continuing music education certificate. 

When Jean asked the room of attendees who could play piano and heads turned my way, I was sort of stuck!  She had me come up on stage and play the worn old grand piano, so full of character that I had to avoid certain keys.  I was told to close my eyes and visualize downloading Beethoven's music.  It didn't happen that way for me, but in another on-stage live "experiment," I did perform a piece I had been working on much better after her instructions.

I fell in love with Jean and her teachings and wanted to gift her with something, so I gave her my records.  At the time I didn't think to ask for a review and she promised to listen to them.

Two years later at Seattle's annual Women of Wisdom conference, on the eve of the "Goddess Chant" performance at a local church, Jean, myself and a couple of others arrived early.  Jean sat in the front pew of the church as I was warming up the place on an exquisite instrument.  I realized then my oversight in not requesting a review of my CD's and thought, "Is it too late?  Is it appropriate?"

But as Jean said after I overcame my shyness and was warmly greeted, "There's no time like the present!  Got a pen and paper?" 

I am so grateful for Elders like Jean who inspire, guide and mentor us younger creatives.  I am blessed to have had elders who have showered love upon me, from my mother who passed away last year, to my beloved music teacher who died at age 94, to my high school English teacher that insisted I go to college.  Each time one of my mentors crosses over, another steps into his/her shoes and just "happens" to be there to offer wisdom and support when I need it the most.