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Sandra Locklear: Blog

Heading to Music Conference in New York!

Posted on December 11, 2011

                                                                                       (c) 2011 Sandra Locklear All Rights Reserved

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Arts!

Greetings of the Season and Happy Winter Solstice! The days are finally growing longer and I have fabulous news to share!!

I’ll be attending the Association of Performing Arts Presenters Convention (APAP 2012) at the Hilton New York from Jan. 4-12. This event is a global marketplace of arts presenters, management companies and agencies gathered in expo halls, with presentations and opportunities for artists like me to tour the country and perform at the highest levels. I’m finally in a position to embrace my long-held dream of top notch music industry management! That’s why this year’s theme at APAP 2012, “We Are They: Owning the Road Ahead,” is so personally meaningful to me. See

There’s a lot to be accomplished at APAP 2012. Between the Expo Halls, forums, showcases, speakers, a consultation salon, a recital at Carnegie Hall, jazz at Lincoln Center and more, I’m “making a list and checking it twice!” I’m excited to be a part of this organization, to make new and helpful connections that are consistent with my level of experience, and learning about the world of televised and digital music education programming.

I’ve decided to reach out to you, dear friends and supporters of the arts, all the good folks who have hired and personally supported me through all my artistic efforts throughout the years, and ask for sponsorship. Your financial support will be most appreciated and honored in moving me to the next level of my artistic journey! I am appreciative of any amount that you can invest toward assisting me in meeting New York trip expenditures. You’ll be a close part of this career milestone and I’ll keep you updated as things progress and beyond.

In the Pacific Northwest region, as an expression of my gratitude for your contributions, I offer my musical services in exchange for any event that you, your friends or business may be organizing in the coming year. Consider the unique gift of a HOUSE CONCERT for someone who “has everything.” Another idea is co-sponsorship with friends or business acquaintances for an event tailored just for your group. (No worries about a piano and sound system. I’m fully equipped and can set up just about anywhere - Seattle region set-up only). In other regions, when I am in your area we can arrange a concert or event performance.

If you would like to help sponsor my upcoming trip to New York, please kindly send your contribution to: ThunderEye Music, P.O. Box 286, Seahurst, WA 98062. Feel free to contact me through my website at to discuss concert or event ideas. I am always happy to personally meet with you if possible.

Dear Music Lovers and Fans, I’m grateful to be blessed with your love and support in sharing my musical vision all these years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time and consideration. Wish me luck! ~ Sandra